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Straight up or with a twist, our staff and bartenders know how to bring the night to life. They live to surprise…eager to see what a little extra flavor, fruit or flame will add to your evening. Our Martinis from Kama Sutra to Delhi 6 will make you jump in and ride the curl. To capture their unique essence and style, Copper Chimney’s bar constantly develops new cocktails. It’s a great way to discover new tastes before heading out for a night on the town.

Copper Chimney is a great place to relax and smoke quality Hookah and enjoy a variety of refreshing drinks and delicious food. Copper Chimney offers free WIFI with a remarkable seating area and flat screen TV’s for entertainment in music and sports. Copper Chimney is located across the ocean in Sunny Isles Beach, great place to bring family and friends and enjoy some quality time.


Lavish Buffet at Copper Chimney, every sunday from noon to 4 PM. Huge selection of vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes.

Copper Chimney is honored to be part of the community to host charity events for the better of mankind. Copper Chimney contributes a percentage of the sales of the event for the noble cause initiated by the host of the event. For details please contact Copper Chimney management.

Copper Chimney hosts wedding, pre wedding and rehearsal dinners at Copper Chimney or off site destinations. For details please contact management.




Copper Chimney embraces the various influences of Indian cuisine alongside the country's culture and traditions. We aim to retain the traditional flavors that are so deeply revered, accentuating them with the highest quality ingredients. Each dish contains numerous spice combinations and truly reflects the depth of Indian cuisine. Moreover, the side dishes and condiments - chutneys, curries, daals, and Indian pickles - contribute to the overall flavor and textural contrast of the meal. All in all, we hope this will provide with a truly exquisite experience.

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